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Engine Rebuild/Repair Form

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*If you are sending in an engine for a warranty inspection, please view our warranty policy prior to filling out this form. Warranty info can be found at  

In the comments section, please give us as much information as possible on the work you would like done, or the engine symptoms if being sent for warranty or to be diagnosed. 

*Our rebuild form needs to be filled out before sending us an engine for inspection, repair or to be upgraded. Once your form is received, we will email or call you with a quote and an authorization number as well as the proper shipping address. Engines sent in without an authorization number will be refused. If you have any questions, call or email us beforehand.

Phone #310-787-7223


*Standard Rebuild (Crankcase bearings, seals, gasket kit, piston ring and spark plug) $100 add $25 for reed engines. This cost does not cover replacement cylinders, pistons etc

*Prostock to full mod conversion $175 plus return shipping

*Full Mod to reed case conversion $50 in labor plus the cost of the case

*$75 service charge for any engine shipped to us dirty. 

*Additional fee's involved for removing/repairing stripped bolts or bolts stripped during dissambly due to excess loctite etc

*Not all conversions are possible. For example a 30.5cc sent in can not be upgraded to a G340 with just a top end and crankshaft. Due to the difference in the cylinders and cases a long block would be required. Call/email if you have any questions.

*We ask that you ship us your engine in the same way we sent to you. Additional fee's and shipping charges will be applied to engines sent in with exhausts, engine mounts, clutch carriers/bell etc. Labor will apply to engines sent in for inspection. 

*We will contact you upon completion of the work requested. From that point you have 30 days to pay for work completed. After 30 days we consider the engine abandoned and your engine will be sold to cover our costs.