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We receive quite a few emails and phone calls in response to our engines showing "in-stock" online but having a lead time. If an engine shows an add to cart button that does not mean that it is in-stock and ready to ship. It simply means that we have all of the parts in-stock to build that particular engine but our normal lead time will apply. Due to the variety of engines we offer as well as custom options it's impossible for us to stock every engine in every different configuration. Lead time on most orders is 1-5 business days but that is not a guarantee. Leads times will be longer during our busy seasons as well as when we run sales. We ask that you please be patient and give us the time that we need to build you the best engine that we possibly can. Due to our lead time and most engines being built to order feel free to let us know if you have any custom requests. Our lead time applies to engines as well as long blocks and ported top ends.