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Sean O'Neill

Founder, President

Sean was born and raised in Torrance, CA. Sean had no idea that the Goped he purchased after working jobs mowing lawns and delivering newspapers as a kid would ever have turned into it this. It all began when Sean and his brother, Ryan, started taking apart the Goped to see how it worked. They not only figured it out, but they then learned how to make this Goped go fast. He then started rebuilding engines for friends, then, friends of friends, and eventually turned his favorite hobby into creating O’Neill Brothers Racing.

When Ryan tragically passed away in 2005, Sean took the lead on the business and eventually began working on engines for RC Cars, and boats. Today, Sean is the Founder and CEO of O’Neill Brother’s Racing. He works in all aspects of the business, but is most famous for his ported engine work. In Sean’s spare time, he enjoys dirt bike riding, playing guitar, traveling and working on classis cars. Sean still lives and works in Torrance, and is currently working on the next big thing.