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The Brotherhood Rewards Program


Buy Stuff, Earn Points, Get REWARDED!

Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend with OBR online. As you earn points, you move to bigger benefits. To get started with the rewards program, all you need is an account with a valid email address. Click in the “Log In” button at the top of this page to begin earning rewards with each purchase. Please note that reward program discounts do not apply to sale items!

How to refer friends
Referral Bonus
Earn mega-points with referrals. For each person you refer, you earn ALL the points for their first purchase (and so do they)! Check the referral page in the My Account section of your account.



100 points gets you at Sportsman level. Save big with 6% off most purchases. You’re well on your way to the Expert level for even better rewards.


At 500 points, you’re at the Expert level. Each month you are automatically entered into our monthly product giveaway contest, and win things like motors, parts, and more.


Earn 1,500 points in a year, you are Pro. You automatically receive 7% off on most purchases.


Once you hit 2,000 points, you are officially VIP. We’ll hook you up with a free engine rebuild, plus a whopping 8% of on all purchases. This is our top rewards level.


Compare Rewards Levels

Automatic 6% Off On Most Purchases* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatically Entered to Win Monthly Giveaway*   Yes Yes Yes
Automatic 7% Off On All Purchases*     Yes Yes
Free Engine Rebuild Service       Yes
Automatic 8% Off On All Purchases*       Yes

* Automatic percent discounts are not cumulative. Being entered in the monthly giveaway does not guarantee winning.