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Engines, Long Blocks & Top Ends
Nobody has more wins in 1/5 scale racing then OBR and in this category we offer the exact engines that our race team uses. These engines are not suited towards bashing and should be used for racing only. We offer engines for drag racing, 2WD/4WD on-road track, 2WD/4WD off-road track, oval racing, EFRA and more.
OBR fully modified engines are available in piston port as well as reed induction. If you want a ton of power without breaking the bank that will run well in just about any application these are the engines for you. 
The OBR signature series line is our newest line up of engines which is the absolute best that we have to offer. You can expect power to match any of big tuners out there. Compared to a full mod you can expect more overall power as well as torque.
Our long block engines are the most cost-efficient way for you to upgrade your 2-bolt engine into a full-blown 4-bolt engine. Going this route will save you money over buying a complete engine but you will need to swap the ignition, covers and clutch from your stock engine to complete. Check our tech section for our long block conversion video
For absolutely insane balls to the walls power, no other engine even comes close to the OBR Twin. Be warned, this engine is not for the faint of heart, and is for the more advanced user because of its tuning requirements.
A full line of replacement top ends and pistons for our full mod/reed engines as well as Prostock's. We also offer 2 bolt top ends and upgrade kit in this category.