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Engines, Long Blocks & Top Ends
The OBR ProStock engine gives you a perfect balance between cost and performance. These entry-level engines offer a user-friendly, powerful motor that works right out of the box, with lots of room to upgrade to a full-mod later.
Our full mod engines are our top of the line piston-ported engines, providing a full 1.5 additional horsepower over a traditional ProStock engine. In this category we also offer our fully customized, ported, and tuned engines for the more serious professional fifth-scale racer.
Our top of the line single-cylinder engines provide the most horsepower than any of our other engines except the Twin. Turtle Racing’s exclusive OBR crankcase allows fuel to be delivered directly through the crankcase for maximum engine output. Expect just over an insane 8 horsepower.
Our long block engines are the most cost-efficient way for you to upgrade your 2-bolt engine into a full-blown 4-bolt engine. Depending on your motor, you can expect to at least double the power of your engine. Our long-block engines come in a variety of different types, including reed, full mod etc.
For absolutely insane balls to the walls power, no other engine even comes close to the OBR Twin. Be warned, this engine is not for the faint of heart, and is for the more advanced user because of its tuning requirements.
A full line of 2-bolt, 4 bolt, G320RC/G340RC engine top ends and upgrades to maximize the performance of your engine. Our upgrades range from 26cc to 34cc engine upgrades. These top ends are exactly what we install on our complete modified engines.