We recently built a top speed twin car for Mike Candela and this is his testimonial:

I recently received a fully built 50.8 Twin from the ground up from the crew at O.B.R.   All I can say is they are the best there is.  There is no substitution for the skills and product they produce. My car has exceeded every possible expectation I have ever envisioned.  And by the way at 90 mph dead straight no hands!

As for hype between a 62 and the 50.8 O.B.R.Twin. . .   If you doubt this you obviously don't have both?   I do and that's why I now own a Twin.  If your serious about a build and have the time  look no further.  O.B.R. Is the King of the Mountain.  Every penny I spent was Worth it "10" fold. In fact by time the build was complete I guarantee the hours spent exceeded the original build estimate due to my expectations.  This was of no impact to my quotation and as stated delivery was the best there is.  If you want the BEST there is look no further.