Testimonial submitted by Justin Joyce:

Hi there, for anyone that is new and/or have not done business with O'Neill Brothers Racing, you may or may not know their great reputation and domination in the scale race motor world! So I just wanted to take a moment out of my day to express my Satisfaction with Sean and Dan and their operation at O’Neil Brothers Racing over the years. I first had a lot of motor work done with them back in 2009 for my Baja 5b as I heard they did phenomenal motor work at the time. Well after 2010 I drifted away from the hobby and my buggy sat in the garage until just last month; I decided to dig it out of my garage. I immediately took it to OBR (O'Neill Brothers Racing) to purchase their 2-speed along with a nice variety of Turtle Racing products and such, including their V2 Clutch system and Pull start to name a couple! Not only did they quote me a great price for all the parts and labor, but they were quite honest with me and steered me away from buying products they felt were unnecessary for my purpose! --- Once they finished Installing everything and I went to pick my buggy up, I can’t even begin to express my Satisfaction. After I paid, Founder Sean and his Partner Dan (Very Nice and Genuine individuals) both took time to explain just exactly how much work they really had done. Remember how it sat in my garage untouched for 5 years? Well Sean took my motor apart, cleaned up the head and all internals, replaced piston ring, and then new gaskets of course during reassemble. He also cleaned my Carburetor getting all the gunk out making it preform like brand new. Didn’t even ask me for a penny more and it doesn’t end there. Dan rebuilt my shocks considering 3 of them were blown and once again, they just took care of it for me!! I must say that Sean and Dan certainly do stand STRONGLY behind their work and everything they touch; it truly shows in all their work I’ve seen. It is so great to have someone in this line of work that care so strongly about the quality and efficiency of everything they build or touch and not just volumes!! -- Thanks so much again Sean and Dan… OH and one more thing – After I had the buggy over the weekend, unfortunately for both of us, there was a Manufacturer defect on one of the parts. (NOT an OBR product) So I brought it to their attention that next Mondayand not only did they have a new replacement part in the mail that day, but they replaced it with an even stronger piece!! Keep up the fine superb work guys, all us RC Folks greatly appreciate it!