I'm Jayson, 27 years old, from Garden Grove, CA. I work at O'Neill brothers Racing and have been here for 2 years now. And have been racing for about a year.

     Sean and I met about 8 years ago when OBR was out of the garage. Dan and I met a couple years ago here at the, shop. With having an interest in engines my self, I asked about a job, and it happened! Being an engine guy my self, it's hard to find other heads on the same plane. So working with these guys, is pretty easy.

     Since I've been at OBR, it's been a fun experience. Getting to know more about our engines, a new racing scene, and even learn about car/truck setups. But having access to a full work shop allows anything to be done.

     After being here a few months I started to notice the 1/5th scale scene is big, It's everywhere. So I eventually got a 2wd buggy. Once It arrived, Dan took the buggy home and gave it a full rebuild and set up. Thanks, Dan! Since then, it's been through some changes and quite a few, races. Along the way, I've met some new friends who have given me the guidance and support to help succeed on and off the track. Some of them are now teammates on the OBR/TR core team, and couldn't ask for better ones!
Track Record:

-West Coast Ntls.
•2wd Sportsman buggy. 2nd Place

-2014 Team Chase. Corrs Series. 2wd Open Buggy.
•Round 1: 3rd place
•Round 2: 3rd Place
•Round 4: 2nd place
•Round 5: 1st place