My name is Jeff Pfeifer, I'm 35yrs old and currently reside in Yuma, AZ with my wife Andrea. R/C has always been a big part of my life. My father was into model airplanes since he was a teenager starting with free-flight and control-line. Once R/C became a reality he started flying that as well. Fast forward to 1980 I was born into the R/C hobby and somewhere around 5 yrs old I started learning how to fly R/C airplanes. Along with learning how to fly my father decided to get me into R/C cars to improve my flying. My first real R/C cars were an Associated RC10, and a Futaba FX10. With the R/C car I learned to work the throttle and steering at the same time and also was able to learn my left and right hand turns and orientations with out fear of crashing an airplane. Growing up in the Kansas City area, the winters would get cold and not much flying was to be done, so my father noticed I was getting pretty good driving the R/C cars in the back yard and out front of the house in the street. With a little research and talking to the local hobby shops my father was able to locate a race track in Shawnee, KS called Sante-Fe Hobby and Raceway where I started racing 1/10 off road 2wd stock buggy and dirt oval, and later started racing modified. From my childhood thru my high school years R/C car racing was always that thing my father and I did during the winter since we couldn't fly and flying was always a priority over car racing. In 1987 I won my first national champion ship as a junior flying planes, and throughout the 90's I would go on to win many other championships in the junior division. During the early 2000's I became one of the top competition aerobatic pilots in the country being invited to some of the most prestigious invitational level international aerobatic events in the world. Meanwhile, when I wasn't flying I was racing R/C cars. In the early 2000's I raced a lot of carpet on-road, and nitro on-road and sometime around 2003 I started racing 1/8 nitro buggy. Fun fact I always raced with a stick style R/C car radio until about 2005 when I decided to commit to converting to a wheel style radio for cars! In 2005 I met my wife, and in 2006 I decided to leave the competition aerobatic world and concentrate on helicopter flying and R/C car racing with helicopters being the priority and became a top level helicopter pilot as well. Since my college years I had always worked in corporate america within a cubicle jungle. In 2011 I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime to work as UAV pilot for a Navy program as a civilian contractor. So in September 2011 I moved to Yuma, AZ to pursue my career as a UAV pilot, where today I am the Lead UAV Pilot Instructor and Curriculum Development manager for our Navy UAV program. When I moved out to Arizona I finally had the opportunity to race on the west coast with some of the best drivers in the world throughout SoCal and Arizona. In 2013 I was at the Dirt Nitro Challenge Racing the normal race program there and one of my friends from Yuma, Ronnie Rojas asked if I would like to race 1/5th scale that weekend as he had an extra car. So of course I said yes, and I decided to enter the 4wd Pro Truck class with it. The truck was a bone stock 5iveT with a pipe, and stock servos. I qualified 3rd in Pro, and in the main I was running 2nd when I had a drive shaft break, but still was able to take 3rd. This was the first time racing 1/5th scale and I had a blast! For the next few years I mainly raced 1/8th scale and when I was at the 2015 Nitro Challenge I was hanging out with some of the 1/5 scale guys from Yuma and decided it was time to get a 1/5 scale car  and start racing 1/5 scale seriously. So I made a few phone calls, got a car ordered and on it's way, but I also needed an engine. So I started talking to Dan Silagy from OBR and he sent me and pipe combo to put in my FiveT. That month I went to Rd 1 of the Team Chase series and entered the 4wd Pro Truck class, and placed 3rd and shared the podium with some of the best 1/5 scale drivers on the planet Matt Olson and Shaun Kirkman. After that race Dan Silagy and O'Neill Brothers Racing welcomed me to the OBR Core Team!!! I have a lot of plans for my 1/5 race program in the future and will be attending the Team Chase series, West Coast Nationals, and many other 1/5 scale races in the future!  I'd like to thank all my sponsors that are instrumental in making my goals become realities, because without them success wouldn't be possible. 

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