I have been in competitive racing for 10+ years now. I started out in 5th scales 6 years ago, when my sister help me buy a HPI Baja SS Kit. Built it all up with hand tools (ouch!!!!) and went racing. I was hooked into the 5th scale scene after that. Did some racing and just had fun. I took a short break as I started focusing on my 8th scale nitro and electric programs. Then got hired at HPI in their customer service department. Everybody quickly learned that I was a fan of the Baja’s and made me the lead on 5th scale testing and development. I also got to travel and go to the 5th scale East Coast Nationals. Placed 4th in that race, due to engine tuning problems, but still good results. After that race I was determined to continue to get better at 5th scale racing when possible. After a few short months and some sound advise from one of the HPI engineers I was able to dominate the 5th scale scene, winning race after race. This is when OBR/TR picked me up to represent their awesome brand of products. I have since walked away with 2 back to back West Coast National titles in 2wd Short Course. I am now focused on again getting the gold in 4wd. I could have not done it without the support of OBR/TR, especially Dan and Sean for all the awesome support. They are always there when I need them and will drop everything to make you fast. My future plans is to get more nats titles, especially on the east coast.
Drive Hard, Race Harder, Win Everything!!!