Hi, Im Braydon Kinnear, or as Im know out on the track, Boof. I am 15 years old.

I have been racing remote control trucks for a year and a half now.

I got my first ever remote control truck for my 13th Birthday. A yellow 5T Baja 2wd 1/5th scale truck.

After spending 10 months on my remote control truck, getting it race ready,  I decided to join a remote control car racing club, WALSOA (Western Australia Large Scale off Road Association).

WALSOA, race at a race track at Olbury farm in Mundijong, South of Perth WA. The WALSOA track has a variety of all conditions from clay, sandy, compact and loose. I enjoy racing on this track as it’s a fast free flowing track.

2014 my fist year racing with WALSOA was a great year, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I had lots of ups and downs as well as highs and lows but I finished 2nd overall in the 2wd class and was extremely proud of myself as it was my first ever year driving/competing.

2015, a very exciting year. Not only do I race at the WALSOA track but I decided to race with WABA (Western Australia Buggy Association) this year too. WABA are another remote control car racing club, they have a track up in the Swan Valley, in Bullsbrook North of Perth WA. The WABA track is tight and technical.

As well as racing 2 different tracks this year, I decided to race in both classes of trucks, both 2wd and 4wd. I have been racing my original yellow 5T Baja 2wd 1/5th scale truck, and a new truck I got, a black and white Losi 5T 4wd 1/5th scale truck. I really enjoy racing in both classes.

But, I have to say the highlight of 2015 so far would most definitely have to be meeting  Sean Thomas, from USA, who has been my coach/trainer/mentor for the last 10 months. As well as racing at Power Jam 2015, and meeting a great bunch of fellow racers who have the same enthusiasm and passion for the sport of racing as I do.

Happy Racing, Boof.