Hey Everyone,

We want to introduce our newest motor to you, the PROSTOCK line.  The PROSTOCK line replaces the race ported engine line.   The PROSTOCK engines produce more power than the race ports and are more economical and is a great engine for all levels of drivers.  

The prostock engine line produces more HP than the race ports at the same price if not less.   For those of you that are new to ported engines, we shot for ease of use. This engine is very easy to start and to tune the carb.  Additionally, we have left the porting open on this engine. At any time, you may send the engine in to us to be upgraded to a full mod or a full mod long rod.

For more information on our newest engine line, PROSTOCK, check out the below links or e-mail us for more information:





Hope to you see everyone shredding these new engines soon!

Sean O'Neill