My name’s Andrea Brisi, coming from a small town of the north of Italy close to the Lake Garda (Trentino region) I’m a 1/5 rc off road pilot and 1/8 nitro buggy pilot. About 1/5 buggy scale i run a Hpi Baja fitting several useful and high quality Turtle Racing aftermarket parts as well as the TR complete clutch system, top and rear plates, pinions , shocks mounts, reinforced cups. About the motor, i have always prefered using an Oneill'Brothers Racing Shread track motor 26cc which i find it very smooth and reliable for running on the tracks

Unfortunately in the last couple of years in my country the large scale buggy racing scene got down, so no more races and events out here, i sometime go abroad to attend some races, but unfortunately not so often because it is too costy. During my racing seasons I’ve got several good race results as well as the 2nd place at the hpi baja challenge. Me and Italian team took part also to the baja challenge european final race in Spain (Barcelona area). In was attending with great results also the 1/5 off road Italian championship (Total 6 races on different off road race tracks placed in different region of the country). I have won the most of the races, and i ended the season with 1632 points which also gave him the overall title of 1/5 Off Road Italian Champion. Thanks to Sean, Dan and David i could go also to California to attend the 2011 and 2012 West Coast large scale buggy Nationals, in the 2012 i was also on the podium, gotted the 3th place. These were some of the coolest events i attended ever.